Celebrate Motherhood Event 2019

Once a year I hold an annual event for my current clients - The Celebrate Motherhood Event.

You’ve probably have seen me writing about Existing in Photos for your children in the past…it’s something that I can’t stress enough to all mommas out there. ( if you’re wondering what it’s all about, find the original blog post HERE.)

These are my all time favorite Sessions that I do.

It makes my heart so happy to be able to give these to my clients….and their children.


What is the Celebrate Motherhood Event?

It’s a complimentary Mini Session for mommas and their babies complete with fine art print.

Want to take part in 2020? Just book a Session of your choice in 2019…it’s that easy.

Enjoy Mommas!

Much Love,


Why Maternity?

2015-06-18_0006 2015-06-18_0002

   To me maternity photos show the unconditional love between mother and child. Amazing how natural and easy it is to love someone she has yet to meet. Being a mother doesn't start when your baby is born, it starts from that first moment you know.

It is no different for fathers, and yet so much more.

From that first moment, they realize there will be someone that he loves more than life itself, someone that he will put first before anyone else, provide for the best he can, and try to be the best dad to forever.

CrystalB Photography Maternity

Granted, during the pregnancy he may take the brunt of the occasional mood swing. He might be a late night ice cream deliverer one day or a on-call massage therapist the next (for those 5am leg cramps), but to him you are the most amazing, strong creature he knows. You are growing a little person in that bump of yours, a little person that may have your eyes but has his smile...

and he will not change it for the world.


I know most women, once they are close to their due date, don't feel like putting on pants let alone having their photos taken but maybe, just maybe....

....it would mean the world to him.


Wanna chat about Maternity Sessions?

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